I’ve worked with actors and stars for many decades, and have never seen a book this useful, this detailed, and this thoughtful on the subject of makeup and its application; a subject which is daunting for most. Charis is utterly knowledgeable, and at home in [the beauty] world, and has been able to transliterate the subject of makeup, so that it’s simple and understandable. The book is exhaustively researched, but thoroughly and crisply compressed, so that every aspect of makeup, its application, and its impact is covered, and explained. This book will have meaning and value in society, and will stand alongside the work of other authors who understand their subjects at an extraordinary cellular level; think Julia Child’s “[Mastering] The Art of French Cooking”.

Thom Mount (former President of Universal Pictures and producer of Natural Born Killers, Tequila Sunrise, Bull Durham)