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Are you fully confident you look your best? You might be at an important point in your life; perhaps you have a crucial job interview, a major date, or your own wedding to attend, and really need to look terrific; or maybe you’re noticing some changes as you mature, and would like to employ techniques to insure you always look great, no matter if you have a lot of time to spend on grooming or not. Would you like user-friendly information that’s individualized for your specific needs, that guarantees you the results you want? Grooming for Men: Dirty to Polished offers this and more – it’s the go-to all-purpose grooming resource to help you always look your best!

Many men want to look their best, but feel self-conscious about exhibiting care for their appearance, and don’t know where to begin to get the reliable physical enhancement information they need. Much available information is incomplete or inaccurate, including “pro insider” knowledge, which is mostly subjective, leaving even experts unable to guarantee that their clients will always look their best; so where can you turn to get proper guidance? Grooming for Men: Dirty to Polished is a complete grooming guide, employing a first-of-its-kind science- based method, to guarantee desired results!

Many might argue that physical attractiveness is subjective, but it’s actually not. Universal standards of physical appeal have been scientifically proven. Before now, the cosmetic industry has never employed a science-based method to guarantee an individual maximum physical appeal, because one hasn’t existed. Grooming for Men: Dirty to Polished accomplishes this goal by utilizing the world’s first Universal Beauty Standard System, to guarantee you always look your best!

But isn’t caring about how you look vanity? Not at all. Did you know that a Japanese research team proved that liking what you see in the mirror boosts your immune system? So maximizing your physical appeal can benefit your health! What if the worst happens, and you face regaining your health from a major illness? Wouldn’t you follow the best medical advice to get better? What if it included employing physical enhancement tips and techniques? Grooming for Men: Dirty to Polished includes all the tips and techniques one needs to look great, get healthy, and stay that way!

Would you like to get hired and promoted sooner, earn more money, and get all kinds of benefits and perks? A Yale University study confirmed that looking your best will give you this edge; and a study from Harvard academics found that investors were more likely to put money into a business if the man pitching to them was ‘good-looking’. It’s a fact, knowing how to look your best, which Grooming for Men: Dirty to Polished provides, can improve your life in many ways!

Grooming for Men: Dirty to Polished provides you with the timeless information you need to always look and feel your best, and is to date the most comprehensive physical enhancement resource for men. Complete with an A to Z all life stage education, it includes original user-friendly physical enhancement techniques, how to create individually ideal products, and more, to empower men of all ethnicities with an unparalleled physical enhancement skill set.


Complete package. Grooming for Men: Dirty to Polished not only includes how to take care of your skin and body so that you can feel your best on the inside, it includes everything you need to know to look your best on the outside.

Resource for all generations. The goal is for Grooming for Men: Dirty to Polished to be the quintessential go-to reference book on men’s grooming techniques and facial products and their application for years to come. Grooming for Men: Dirty to Polished will be of particular interest to:

  • Someone who’s interested in making their own cosmetic products

  • A tween who may be dealing with issues such as acne

  • Someone who wants to know what cosmetic products they need, how to best shop for them, and how to best utilize them

  • Someone who wants the same or better grooming techniques and advice than what celebrities are offered to maximize their physical appeal

  • Someone who’s interviewing for a job, and wants to make the best impression on their potential boss

  • Someone who needs a quick but effective grooming routine to fit their hectic schedule

  • Someone who travels and wants to know which cosmetic products are best to pack for different destinations

  • Someone who’s getting married or attending a special event, and wants to look their best for the occasion

  • Someone who’s struggling with an illness, such as cancer, and is keen to look and feel their best while overcoming it

  • Someone who has a port wine stain, scar, or aspect of their physicality that they would like to address without surgery

  • Someone of maturity, who loves to look their best

  • Someone who wants easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to get amazing results, helpful tips, and answers to tough grooming-related questions

  • Object of display. Grooming for Men: Dirty to Polished is intended to be an aesthetically pleasing coffee-table book that can be proudly showcased.

  • Adaptable use. Grooming for Men: Dirty to Polished can be flipped through to quickly retain a valuable tip for immediate use, and/or can be read in its entirety, to give an individual the knowledge of a grooming professional, or a grooming professional an edge in their field.

  • New perspective. Grooming for Men: Dirty to Polished opens the reader’s mind to understanding grooming in a fresh new way, using principles of art.

  • New techniques. Grooming for Men: Dirty to Polished introduces how to:
  • Create the best shape for your eyebrows, based upon your individual bone structure

  • Choose your perfect eyeglass frame color(s) to make your eyes “pop”, or change the appearance of your eye color without contacts

  • Choose outfits, hairstyles, etc., using a unique four-point rule system that prevents the appearance of looking cluttered, and guarantees you always look your most physically balanced